Yuantong Li

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics, UCLA. My advisor is Prof. Guang Cheng and Prof. Wei Sun. My research interests fall in high-dimensional statistics, trustworthy AI combined with sequential decision making (bandit theory and reinforcement learning), and designing and optimizing multi-agent systems. Besides, I have interests and experience in natural language process field.

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What’s new


  1. Rate-Optimal Contextual Online Matching Bandit
    Y. Li, C. Wang, G. Cheng, W. Sun.

  2. Residual Bootstrap Exploration for Stochastic Linear Bandit
    Proceedings of the 38th International Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.(UAI 2022)
    S. Wu, C. Wang, Y. Li, G. Cheng.

  3. Debiasing Neural Retrieval via In-batch Balancing Regularization
    Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Gender Bias in Natural Language Processing.(GeBNLP 2022)
    Y. Li, X. Wei, Z. Wang, S. Wang, P. Bhatia, X. Ma, and A. Arnold.

  4. Online Bootstrap Inference For Policy Evaluation in Reinforcement Learning
    P. Ramprasad, Y. Li, Z. Yang, Z. Wang, W. Sun., and G. Cheng.
    Minor revision under review at Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA).

  5. Peel Learning for Pathway-Related Outcome Prediction
    Y. Li, F. Wang, M. Yang, F. Yang, E. Cantu, H. Rao, and R. Feng.

  6. Online Forgetting Process for Linear Regression Models
    Y. Li, C. Wang, and G. Cheng.
    In Proc of the 24nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, San Diego, California, 2021.(AISTATS 2021)

  7. Ranking with Tail-Attention Regression in Stock Cross-Sectional Selection
    J. Duan, Y. Li, J. Guo, and G. Cheng.

  8. A Non-Iterative Quantile Change Detection Method in Mixture Model with Heavy-Tailed Components
    Y. Li, Q. Ma, and S. K. Ghosh.
    The 26th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2020.(KDD 2020)

  9. Interactive Attention Networks for Semantic Text Matching
    S. Zhao, Y. Huang, C. Su, Y. Li and F. Wang.
    2020 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.(ICDM 2020)


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Conference Reviewer: AISTATS

Journal Reviewer: IEEE TNNLS.